"Heroman," Stan Lee's Americanish fighting robot anime/manga series, continues its seemingly ironic march toward its Japanese debut. Anime News Network reports that a new trailer for the series is up and running at the official Heroman Web site, along with news that a complete volume of manga will arrive in stores in Japan on March 30, a few days before the anime's April 1 air date.

Without a sampling of dialogue, the trailer demonstrates decent animation and action sequences. Kids could do a lot worse than watching a star-spangled robot punch giant bugs in the face before spinning their hive home in a fit of rage. Personally, I rather like the concept of a young boy (even if his name is Joey Jones) who commands a deluxe Captain America transformer to destroy alien invaders, so I'm a little excited to see Bones' animated execution when the time comes.

There's still no word on when or if "Heroman" will ever (legally) make it to the States, but it should be interesting to see how Japanese audiences respond to Lee's animated adventure - especially compared to his other manga project "Ultimo."

Check out the new trailer after the jump.