Despite a long and proud tradition of Canadian superheroics, our northern neighbors often get a bum rap when it comes to their costumed heroes. It's never, "Well, Toronto is the fourth-largest city in North America so naturally it should have its own dedicated roster of crimefighters," it's always, "What, is he faster than an apology for bumping into someone and able leap a Tim Horton's in a single bound?" It's just disrespectful, really.

That's why I think we all need to take a few moments to read Jason Loo's Pitiful Human-Lizard, which, despite the name, it's something to be proud of. It's an adventure story that combines a look at what legacy and heroics mean with an authentic (and obviously loving) look at Toronto, and the sixth issue hits this week on Comixology. Check out a preview below!



The first five issues are also available in a collected digital edition, and in print this week.

One really cool thing about Pitiful Human-Lizard, is how dedicated Loo is to integrating the real-life Toronto into his stories. There's an authenticity in play with what he's doing that, for a reader like me who has only seen Toronto in movies and comics, makes it feel like a living setting for his comics.


Reference provided by Jason Loo


Of course, considering that it's a setting that still has castles and skyscrapers, it actually doesn't feel too different from Gotham City. It's just, you know, real.



Here's the official description of Pitiful Human-Lizard #6:


Pitiful Human-Lizard #6
Premiering all-new, bi-monthly Pitiful Human-Lizard stories under the Chapterhouse label!
In this thrilling issue, we find out more about the Human-Lizard's parents while Lucas helps his father work his new phone! Next, the Human-Lizard has a new temporary sidekick: his mom!
Plus, Lady Accident teams up with Mother Wonder as they take on an extra-terrestrial gum monster at the mall!