Way back in "Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life," Scott's bandmate Stephen Stills revealed that in the Canadian indie scene, like all things, knowledge is power. Specifically, the power to out-rock rival bands.

If you're like me, though, you've probably been spending the last six years wondering just what kind of information Stills gathered in order to prepare Sex Bob-Omb for their six-string showdown against Crash and the Boys, and now, the answer has finally been revealed. Earlier today, "Scott Pilgrim" creator Bryan Lee O'Malley tweeted about the sketches he did before drawing up the full-size sheets that appear in the Scott Pilgrim movie, and now we finally know the secrets that lead to their downfall, like whether Joel's hair is nice (yes) and the status of Trasha's mop-top (adorable).

Unlike the others, Trasha's never actually appeared in the movie (it was replaced by one billing her as a Mystery Drummer). For comparison, here's how it looked in the original comic:

You know, we never did find out if her parents were there.

For larger versions and a chart of the Katayanagi Twins that only appeared in the movie, check out O'Malley's Flickr set.