Finally, A Motion Comic We Can All Get Behind
There are a lot of mixed feelings about the idea of motion comics right now, so allow me to introduce you to a comics/video hybrid that we can all get behind. Dubbed "Videogioco" by creator Donato Sansone, it flips the idea of the "motion comic" upside down with a…
Warner Bros. Announces T-Works
Press Release
In spring 2008, Warner Bros. Entertainment will launch T-Works, a brand-new broad-appeal immersive animation experience which, for the first time ever, brings together all of the key characters from the Studio's core animated properties in an expansive, rich online environment
Enjoy a Preview of ‘The New Frontier’ DVD
If you enjoyed Darwyn Cooke's classic retelling of the Silver Age days of the Justice League of America -- the Eisner Award-winning The New Frontier, chances are you probably already know about the straight-to-DVD release slated for next year

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