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Chris Onstad Walks Away From ‘Achewood’
Last year, Chris Onstad's Achewood returned from a 20-month hiatus on Christmas Eve, and it looked like there would once again be light and hope in this fallen world. Now, though, after a year of weekly updates, Onstad has announced that he's stepping away from Achewood again.
Ask Chris #283: The Weirdest Part Of ‘Achewood’
Chris Onstad's Achewood --- which recently resurrected itself with a series of pretty regular weekly updates --- is one of my favorite comics of all time, and part of the reason for that is that pretty much everything that happens in it is really, really weird, to the point where even figuring …
If You Loved The ‘Deadpool’ Movie, Read These Comics Next
Deadpool is already the first big blockbuster of 2016, and its combination of over-the-top violence and irreverent humor has proved a hit with audiences. The film hits you hard and fast with joke after joke, and has some of the best fight scene choreography in superhero films to date.

If Deadpool l…
Ask Chris #259: How I Learned To Love ‘Achewood’
Q: What in the world is so great about Achewood? I've tried it a couple times , and it's always seemed average at best. -- @DylanJBurnett

A: Believe it or not, Dylan, there was a time when I was just like you. Much as I love it now, Chris Onstad's Achewood didn't click with me t…
Holiday Gift Guide: ‘Achewood’ Merchandise
When it comes to the holiday gift-giving season, comic book readers are notoriously difficult to shop for. I mean, most of us are down at the shop buying our favorite stuff every single week, so when the time comes for people who like us to get us something we want, well, a lot of times we already h…

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