Taking a queue from last year's New York Comic Con, Skybound Entertainment and McFarlane Toys will once again team to bring a fan-favorite character from Telltale Games' The Walking Dead universe to life in action figure form. Last year, we were treated to the first non-comic, non-television figure from The Walking Dead with the release of Clementine, the co-star and driving force behind The Walking Dead, Season 1 and the lead of The Walking Dead, Season 2. Now one year later, her guardian and zombie-killing mentor Lee Everett is making the jump off the screen.

Even just seeing Lee here in his various states brings back memories that I'm not sure I need to feel on a rainy Friday afternoon. The dude went through a lot over the course of the first season of Telltale's episodic venture into Robert Kirkman's and Charlie Adlard's post-apocalyptic world. Since players were put into his shoes for a majority of the game, we went through those same trials and tribulations right with him. Some decisions are just too hard to make with a timer forcing your hand into a choice. The relationship between Lee and Clem was just a little too real. It still stings a bit knowing how that first season ended.

Still, it's great to see that Skybound is committed to bringing as many characters from The Walking Dead universe to the McFarlane action figure line. Since Telltale's game takes place in the comic book timeline, Lee's paint job follows suit with the full-color versions previously released in that line. He does have the benefit of getting a bloody paint app too, which might be a bit messier than fits with the version from the game, but you could always get the "clean" version if you wanted. I do wish the Clem and Lee figures had the more stylized Telltale look, but that they both suit the uniformity of the action figure line makes sense.

The sculpt appears to be fairly solid, though it's tough to tell that's Lee without knowing what his signature clothing looks like. I'd need to see it up close for a definitive verdict, but the head sculpt is just off enough that it looks more generic than it does accurate. He does come with his signature axe, and the inclusion of the walkie talkie he used to chat with Clem is a nice one. If the severed left arm hadn't been included, I may have been a bit more hesitant about picking this up, but this figure does get just about every detail below the neck just right.

The Walking Dead Lee Everett action figure will be available for the first time at NYCC this coming week at Skybound's booth (#1544) for $25.


Skybound Entertainment
Skybound Entertainment