iPhone imageLeave it to New Yorkers and mega-talented comic creators Paul Pope and Dean Haspiel to perfectly sum up one possible origin for Apple's newest, bluest and greatest invention (for now), the iPhone.

Cut to a scene at a party in which Pope joins Haspiel and the Queen of All Comic Book Blogs Heidi MacDonald at a table, not too long after navigating around the crowds of people vying for the aforementioned iPhone at the Apple store in SoHo.

Of course, when two or more comics folks -- fans or pros -- congregate over food and drink, the conversation almost always veers toward funnybooks, and this was no different. The talk moved quickly to the near spontaneous genius of Jack Kirby to create intricate technologies that spawned, for example, the Silver Surfer or Dr. Doom before CGI ever could or did.

The following exchange speaks volumes:

Haspiel: Kirby just INVENTED on paper, he didn't bother to build any of it. He already thought of it. I was enough to just think of it -- he was just blueprinting the future.

Pope: Sometimes, I feel like all science is doing now is reverse-engineering Jack Kirby.

So much for the origins of the iPhone, iPod or iAnything...