And so ends another week at ComicsAlliance. And soon, a new week at ComicsAlliance begins. In the mean time, here's our weekly look at the week.


-Image Comics announced their 2012 slate of projects at their first-ever Image specific convention

-Longtime Marvel artist Bryan Hitch and his partner Jonathan Ross pitch their Image Comics collaboration America's Got Powers as "Twice the Marvel for $1 Less"


-Lauren Davis talks to Smut Peddler editor Spike Trotman

-Laura Hudson talks to King City creator and ComicsAlliance favorite Brandon Graham


-Aaron Colter's Best Webcomics Ever (This Week)

-Douglas Wolk on Gilbert Hernandez's Birdland

-John Parker on Chester Brown's The Playboy

-Matt Seneca on Guido Crepax's Valentina


-G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Annual #1

-X-O Manowar #1's talking variant cover proves we are indeed living in the future

-Boom's Emerald City Comicon exclusive covers

-James Stokoe's long-awaited Orc Stain #7


-Marvel and Disney XD have released thier Ultimate Spider-Man character designs for Iron Fist, White Tiger and Luke Cage

-Thanks to Disney XD's Pac-Man-The Adventure Begins, the Pac is back

-Hopefully the next attempt at a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film will involve stop-motion animation


-Bryan Hitch introduced 1978's Superman: The Movie at the Glasgow Film Festival, and you can read his speech online

-Chris Sims reports that Star Wars XXX, a "porn parody" of the first (or is it fourth now?) Star Wars movie, is problematic

-The Avengers trailer features Marvel heroes fighting and teaming up

-Andy Khouri has some highlights from 1987 documentary Masters of Comic Book Art

-This is what The Avengers' Maria Hill will look like


-The Avengers trailers and promo materials have been coy about just who The Avengers will be fighting against, but Lego gives us a glimpse


-This week's Best Cosplay Ever (This Week)

-Superhero movies even have nail polish tie-ins, apparently

-DC released the designs for Earth 2's Batman and Robin, Supergirl and Wonder Woman and Superman


-Chris Sims at Batroc the Lepair-er, Leaper, wished us all a joyeux Leap Day

-In the best-feeling feel-good story of the week-if not month or year-Matthew Logelin decides to educate himself in the world of superheroes, Star Wars and the likes in order to be a better father to his fangirl three-year-old

-Manga artist Yusuke Murata's comic needs to be seen to be believed (actually, I saw it, and it's still pretty unbelievable)


-Mahmoud Abdoun's minimalist art

-Roberto Salvador has superheroes open up and say "AAA!"

-Chris Gerringer knows that feel, bro

-This month's Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month)

-This week's Best Art Ever (This Week)