I'm the kind of person who starts celebrating Christmas as soon as the clock hits midnight at the end of Halloween, but even I think it's weird that Black Friday has apparently extended to cover an entire week. Still, I'm not the kind of person to look a gift reindeer in the mouth, especially when it comes with some pretty solid deals on great comics that you can read on the way to grandmas or pop open whenever tomorrow's dinner conversation inevitably turns to politics.

Case in point: Dark Horse has launched its digital Black Friday sale a few days early, dropping the price of every single issue to a slim $0.99 across all of its digital outlets. And obviously, we've got some recommendations.



The one catch to the sale is that it's only on single issues. The prices of the collections seem to have remained unchanged, and since a lot of my go-to Dark Horse recommendations are the kind of books that read a little better once they're collected, I'm finally going to have to dig a little deeper than Usagi Yojimbo and Hellboy. Although that said, Hellboy and the BPRD: 1952 is more than worth the cost. And, depending on your feelings on the Dark Horse Digital app, the last 14 issues of Usagi Yojimbo are on there (but not Comixology), and if you can find a better deal than getting those and the entirety of Senso, where Usagi fights Martians, for under $20, I'd like to hear about it.

As for the other single issues in the sale, the one great deal that sticks out is the year's best and weirdest crossover, Archie vs. Predator, which can be yours in its entirety for under four bucks. If you need more than just the idea of the title to sell you on it, I'll just let you know up front that there is a Giant Robot Archie that shows up in #3. If, however, you already have that but haven't checked out writer Alex de Campi's other work in Grindhouse, those issues are on sale too and well worth picking up.

You can also grab the first miniseries from Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts of Burden for $5, which is a great deal. If, however, you're a completist, you should know that those issues do not reprint the original short stories that you can find in the hardcover edition, which is available digitally for the non-sale price of $10.

There's plenty of other great series that you can get in their entirety for under ten bucks, including Lady KillerShaolin Cowboy and more. And hey, if you've got any recommendations on how to spend your hard-earned dollar, leave 'em in the comments below!