Though it's definitely not the first comics publisher to the iPhone (and don't forget the iPhone Touch) party, Devil's Due Publishing is one of the few publisher's to make its entire line of titles available on the device. Where many publishers have handled mobile comics distribution on a franchise by franchise basis or, in the case of IDW, brought the mobile comics operation in house, DDP has partnered with Comixology's Comix to make its full library available.

DDP's press release plays up the publisher's multimedia tie-ins, which include the comics continuation of CBS' canceled "Jericho" as well as the '80s mecha sensation Voltron since they could potentially introduce brand new audiences to both the comics medium and the mobile comics platform.

"I'm very excited to be able to offer the massive library of Devil's Due titles through comiXology's online store," said Josh Blaylock, President of Devil's Due Publishing in an official press release. "Comics on the iPhone are allowing us to reach millions of potential customers who have never set foot in a comic book store, and it's instantaneous. It's really going to expand the comic reading audience."

The idea isn't unfounded, especially given IDW's success with its "Star Trek" titles this past summer. And also, for traditionalists who don't really dig the slideshow-like display settings on other comic apps, Comixology points out that its comic reader has a "Guided View" feature that leaves the full page in tact.

However readers choose to read their comics, the mobile market marches on.

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