Continuous source of delight for collectors of scary detailed 1/6 scale action figures Hot Toys has revealed new images of its upcoming Nick Fury from The Avengers movie line. It'll come packed with all the accessories fans have come to expect when it arrives in June, including multiple hands, a pistol, a "rocket gun" and a friggin' briefcase containing the Cosmic Cube. This isn't the first time Samuel L. Jackson has had his likeness on a Hot Toys offering, but this figure is definitely a more... comprehensible... release than, say, the Octopus toy from The Spirit line. Our only gripe? That eye patch doesn't appear to be removable. How're we supposed to pretend we have a Coach Carter action figure now? Scope out images of the upcoming Nick Fury figure from Hot Toys' The Avengers movie line after the jump.

[Via Hot Toys]

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