There might never be a more perfect time to read Jaeger, the digital comic by Ibrahim Moustafa, published on the Stela app. It's a spy story in the mold of James Bond, only its protagonist is an Arab chasing down the Nazis who imprisoned him.

The Nazis talk of the myth of Der Jaeger --- The Hunter --- even as our hero Idris tracks them one by one, leading up to the man he hates the most, Kammler. It's a therapeutic, heart-wrenching, white-knuckle story that moves at breakneck pace.

Beyond its timely premise, Jaeger is a really well crafted story in its own right. Moustafa takes on both writing and art duties, and excels at both. There are several sequences showcasing Idris's skill for silently sneaking through locations, a particular favourite being a scene where he breaks into a priest's office via a ledge, careful not to alert a nun below him.




What centers it all though, is the emotional throughline. This isn't just a spy who has been called out on a job to stop some terrorist, or to make sure a hostage situation doesn't go awry, all while sleeping with some women on the way.

This story means a little more than that, and Moustafa has purposefully chosen an Arab lead who was a victim of the Nazi attacks. The choice shows that this reign of terror caused damage to a huge range of people, and if we look at it as a representation of today, that fear still exists. The story also ends with a clever twist that helps explain a little about how a person can fight an ideology rather than a single man.

It feels current, it feels fresh, and it's steeped in truth and honesty. It's also just a damn fine spy thriller with gorgeous art and great writing by someone who's fully on top of their craft.

Jaeger is currently exclusively available to read on the Stela app, available on iPhone and Android.

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