The illustrator of ComicsAlliance's Silver Age Remix Comics, Kerry Callen returns with a new installment of Super Antics, depicting the humorous adventures of the Golden Age Superman and all the hijinks of his wacky universe. The first episode looked at what might happen to a man who's truly impervious to bullets, while the new strip explores the implications of eye glasses as a secret identity.The creator of Halo & Sprocket, the comic about an angel, a robot and a single young woman living together, Callen and is humorous cartoons are regularly featured on ComicsAlliance. You'll remember his series of gags asking what if DC Comics published Marvel characters during the Silver Age, not to mention his work on CA's own Silver Age Remix Comics, and of course the original Super Antics, which went all the way around the Web and back again. For more Callen, check out his blog.

[Via Kerry Callen]