Animation: The "Voltron" animated series seems to be shaping up much more faithfully than the possible movie mockup. [Topless Robot]

Hollywood: It looks like Emma Stone could be offered the role of Mary Jane in the upcoming "Spider-Man" 3D feature. [Deadline]

Comics: Ben Templesmith teases his upcoming "Bleedout" with a new viral site. [Whatisbleedout]

Art: Marvel's "Ozma of Oz" artist Skottie Young illustrates Batman using both hand drawn and digital techniques. [Twitter@Skottieyoung]

Gazillion gives future players a look inside the development of "Super Hero Squad Online." It's definitely aimed at kids, but shows off some new game footage. [Heroup]

Legos: Brickshelf user misterzumbi pieces together a righteous Hellboy bust too hot for '90s Marvel trading card (note the stogie). [Neatorama]

History: Did you know Steve Englehart, Len Wein and Gerry Conway had an unauthorized Marvel/DC crossover back before it was cool? They totally did! [Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed]

Toys: Justin Bieber gets action figure fever. Eh, it's still better than the "Twilight" toys. [Tomopop]

Webcomics: Axe Cop has an amusing Twitter exchange with Axe Body Spray. Here's hoping he gets his "bad guys dying" spray wish. [Axe Cop]

Money: Marvel publisher Dan Buckley think's there ain't nothin' wrong with a little bump 'n griiind $3.99. [IcV2]