Remember how last year at San Diego Comic-Con, Mondo released an amazing vinyl soundtrack album for Batman: The Animated Series that was actually shaped like a Batman symbol? Remember how much you --- and by "you," I mean "I" --- wanted that thing, even though you --- same deal --- do not actually own a record player? Well, get ready to want again.

This week DC and Mondo announced that they are following up the B:TAS album with this year's offering, featuring the theme from Superman: The Animated Series on a die-cut disc shaped like Superman's emblem, complete with a screenprinted S on the b-side. I'm going to go ahead and assume that in this case, it stands for Hope They Don't Run Out While I'm Waiting In Line.


Superman: The Animated Series soundtrack, DC and Mondo


The album itself will feature the opening and ending themes to Superman: TAS as well as the theme from the New Batman/Superman Adventures, by the great Shirley Walker, and if nothing else, it's nice to see the Superman show finally getting some attention. S:TAS will probably always be stuck in the shadow of its darker predecessor, but it was a great series that definitely lived up to the standards of B:TAS, and Walker's contributions to the score were a big part of that.

If you aren't planning on making it out to San Diego, good news: While the album debuts at Comic-Con, it'll be available online later in July. While the video announcement doesn't include the price, last year's Batman 12" sold for $25, so one assumes that it'll be along the same lines. Probably best to check that out before you wait in line at the convention, though.


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