It's Christmas Eve, and at this point, you know all the compelling reasons to buy digital comcis in this festive holiday season: Last-minute gifts for friends across the country, something to read on your phone as you take a long road trip over the river and through the woods, all that good stuff. What matters now is how many you can get, and how cheap you can get 'em, and lucky for us, Comixology has a sale on what seems to be Image's entire back catalog at 50% off!

It's a great opportunity to get recent stuff like KaptaraMonstress, Citizen JackBlack Magick, plus your standard year-end list-toppers like Sex Criminals, WicDiv and more, but with over 4,000 comics on offer, it's also a great time to go back and pick up some deep cuts, too. And there's no better comic to get in that entire sale than my all-time favorite superhero comic, Jack Staff.


Jack Staff by Paul Grist


I've written about how much I love this comic at considerable length before, but the short version is that it's superhero action in its purest form, a story told at breakneck pace with some of the most best storytelling in comics, period.

Over the course of the series, Paul Grist creates an entire world full of strange superheroes. It's not just Jack, it's Bramble & Son (Vampire Hunters), Helen Morgan and the Agents of Q (they investigate the Question Mark Crimes), DI Maverick (and Detective Sgt. "Zipper" Nolan), Tom Tom the Robot Man (who is neither robot nor man), Charlie Raven (the greatest Escapologist of the Victorian Age), Alfred Chinnard (alias the Spider), Calendar Girl, the Butler, and of course, my favorite, Becky Burdock, Vampire Reporter --- and more besides.

The way that Grist juggles and interweaves those storylines would be jaw-droppingly impressive even if it wasn't done with some of the most innovative and engaging layouts in comics. Seriously: I love it so much that I just bought it again, because I realized I didn't have them digitally.

Right now, you can grab the entirety of the first Image series, the six issues of Weird World of Jack Staff and the King Size one-shot for about thirty bucks, and it's well worth it. The only problem is that Grist's self-published first twelve issues (released by Image as a paperback called Everything Used To Be Black and White) aren't part of the sale and don't seem to be available digitally at all. They're not strictly necessary to enjoy what is on offer, but trust me, you're going to want it.

Even if you've already got Jack Staff (and Monstress, and Kaptara, and so on), there's still something amazing to find in that sale, so head over there and give someone --- maybe even yourself --- the gift of great comics!


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