As you've probably heard by now, everyone is really, really excited about Supergirl this week. That's something that DC and Comixology have set out to take advantage of with a big sale on Supergirl comics that's running through November 2, and there's a ton of great stuff in there. Silver Age classics, team-ups with the Legion of Super-Heroes, Bronze Age stories that rarely see reprints, they're all in there, and if digging through digital dollar boxes is your thing, there are plenty of pretty great issues to find in there among the 321 titles they've got on offer.

But for the single best deal --- and the single best story --- you can get in the sale, there's one thing that stands out over everything else: Landry Q. Walker and Eric Jones's Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade, which is on sale for $4.99, and worth a whole lot more.


Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade


Originally released back in 2008, it's exactly what it sounds like: An all-ages take that finds a young Kara Zor-El stowing away on a rocket and finding herself stranded on Earth, separated from her family back in Argo City. Because Superman is a little too busy to raise his cousin, she gets sent to face the most harrowing challenge of any kid's life: school.

What follows is an amazing series of, well, Cosmic Adventures, but there's also fantastic character work involved too. Over the course of the all-too-short six issues, Kara finds a best friend in Lena Luthor (a relationship that works out as well as you might expect) and an arch-nemesis in the form of a Bizarro, who's every bit as mean as Supergirl is sweet, and who takes the name "Belinda Zee" and immediately sets about causing trouble.

It's a book full of middle school hijinx, and while it's obviously directed at a younger audience, it's the kind of smart, fun comic that truly has an appeal for all ages. If you've got a hankering for more Supergirl --- or even better, if you know a young person who watched the TV show and wants to find out more about what Kara was like when she was a kid --- then this is the one to grab.



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