The time has come. Despite activating the Knightfall protocol at the conclusion of Batman: Arkham Knight's story, four more villains have surfaced calling Batman back to the streets of Gotham to finish the job he started. As the final downloadable content pack for Batman: Arkham Knight, "Season of Infamy" brings back some familiar faces from Batman's rogues gallery (and previous Arkham games) for one last go-round with the Dark Knight.

Though Arkham Knight's add-on content has been a bit of a disappointment to this point, the trailer for this finale does show promise. Encounters with Mr. Freeze in the Arkham Universe have been among the series' best, and the return of Killer Croc and Mad Hatter should make for some interesting missions, too. However it's the return of Ra's Al Ghul that presents the most promise, as Batman's most formidable foe barely got any play the last time he showed his face in an Arkham game.

Now I say these new missions look promising knowing that much of the previous DLC for Arkham Knight looked promising too, but ended up underwhelming in just about every aspect. This four mission set appears to be much more in tune with the spirit of the core game though, and it's awful hard to turn down a chance to experiment with another Mad Hatter stage. Killer Croc is whatever. He's had his time to shine plenty in these games, and big, brute fights just aren't that interesting at this point in the series. The League of Assassins might provide some new twists in their portion, but it all comes down to Mr. Freeze. That new suit looks like it'll be troublesome to defeat for sure.

In addition to all the new missions, there will be more skins for Batman (The Dark Knight and Batman Noel suits) and the Batmobile (Arkham Asylum version and a Rocksteady paint job). There are some free things coming to those of you who don't have the season pass or don't want to pay for the new missions as well. Harley Quinn will get a classic skin if you got the Harley Quinn DLC, and you'll be able to throw on an Arkham Knight outfit if you got the Red Hood DLC. Both were offered as free incentives for pre-ordering the game, so there's a good chance you do have these new free skins coming.

The season pass, which includes all the content to this point, still runs $40, but you can get this latest add-on for $10. Given the issues Arkham Knight's had since launch, you may want to wait until some reviews start coming in before you commit to putting the cowl back on again.


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