Those of you who pay attention to such things may have been wondering just what our former senior editor Caleb Goellner has been up to since he left ComicsAlliance earlier this year. Personally, I would've guessed that he'd spent the last few months swimming in a Scrooge McDuckian bin of Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles action figures, but that is not the case. It turns out that he's been working on a new comic, alongside writer Jim Gibbons, the Eisner-winning editor of Dark Horse Presents.

The book is called Birchsquatch, and it is quite possibly the greatest sasquatch-based sci-fi revenge mystery of autumn 2014, and it's available now on Gumroad as a pay-what-you-want download. Check out a preview below!

Written by Gibbons with art by Goellner, Birchsquatch tells the story of the last sasquatch, who presides over the last forest, grown in an underground greenhouse while the surface is steadily paved over. The first issue of Birchsquatch clocks in at 24 story pages, and can be downloaded for as little as zero dollars.


Birchsquatch #1