I like sword-and-sorcery fantasy adventure as much as the next person who spent a significant portion of their life reading about dark elves with lavender eyes and twin scimitars, but let's be honest here: It is not a genre that is without problems. As engaging as those stories can be, there just isn't as much focus on characters who are lazy and super into butts.

Fortunately, Madéleine Flores has brought the world Help Us Great Warrior, a story about the small, somewhat lumpy Great Warrior, who embodies those traits while also venturing on epic quests to save the world. Now, it's coming to Boom! Box in the form of an eight-issue limited series, set for release in February.

Announced on Buzzfeed -- your source for the best in single-sentence large-print comics news -- the series will be written and drawn by Flores, and presented in full color. Whether it's going to expand on the short stories that she's been doing online as a webcomic or whether it'll follow the same format (a la Jake Lawrence's Teen Dog) remains to be seen, but it's pretty exciting either way.