On Cartoon Network's Adventure Time TV series, Princess Bubblegum has a pretty mysterious (and lengthy) past, which has slowly been revealing itself over the past several seasons. In next Wednesday's Adventure Time #21, yet another layer to her bubblegum-y nature may be revealed comic book style... or, if the solicitation info is any indication, perhaps there's some gaseous misdirection at hand? Writer Ryan North and artists Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb will give fans something to chew on, along with Steve Wands in his "Beach Bum Boogie" backup story. You can check out a preview of the issue from Boom! Studios, after the jump.

From Boom Studios' official solicitation info:

It doesn't matter how many episodes or issues you get your hands on for ADVENTURE TIME, there will always be something new and amazing waiting for you behind every corner. The comic is a great read for allages and it's not just for the fans of the shows (but seriously, who isn't a fan?). It's a great comic about fans in a fantastical world, with adventures, lessons, and sometimes princess farts.

You can check out five pages from Adventure Time #21 below.