We've seen a lot of "chibi" Optimus Prime figures in our time, but it looks like Hong Kong toymaker Kids Logic is going to take the cake for coolest lil' Transformers Autobot leader of 2014. Due out this month, the 6" figure features a signature "super deformed" sculpt without sacrificing the kind of articulation and detail fans are used to seeing from Hasbro and Takara's much taller offerings.

No, the toy doesn't come with a trailer (or, mercifully, Roller) and it doesn't fully transform into a semi cab, but it does make you go "awwww" as you arm it with it its included ion blaster, five swappable hands, and optional energy axe hand.

Even though the figure can't fully transform, there's still more to it than meets the eye. Most of its armor can be popped off, revealing a more slight action figure frame beneath -- including Optimus' helmet. Inside that metal Cybertronian shell, there's an LED that can light up the Autobot's eyes, chest and removable Matrix of Leadership.

Available for around $95-120 at domestic preorder sites, the figure is about as pricey as the much more massive Masterpiece editions of Optimus. Still, for those that believe that good things come in small packages, it may be worth the [clever reference about whatever Cybertronians used for currency -- Energon Chips? Credits? Bumblebee Bux?].



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[Via Kids Logic]