After a cryptic picture of a meeting at Marvel got people thinking he'd be starring in Avengers 2, Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel posted a picture to Facebook Sunday that seemed to indicate his adventures in the Marvel cinematic universe will be a bit more... galactic.

That picture was of Groot, the tree-like alien from Planet X who and member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The scuttlebutt now is that Diesel may be the voice of the character, who in recent years has limited his speaking to nothing more than the phrase, "I am Groot."

This wouldn't mark the first time Diesel has voiced an alien with a somewhat limited grasp of language. He did the voice of The Iron Giant in the film of the same name, and in that he gave one of his best, most heartfelt performances. It's really an amazing movie. So it's clear he can do a lot with that one phrase.

So far, we know a good many of the principal cast members of the James Gunn-directed film set for release August 1, 2014. Chris Pratt is Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana will handle the role of Gamora, Dave Bautista is Drax the Destroyer, Karen Gillan is Nebula, Michael Rooker will be Yondu, Benicio del Toro is The Collector, Lee Pace will be Ronan the Accuser, John C. Reilly is Rhomann Dey and Glenn Close will be Nova Prime.

[Via ScreenCrush]