As we discussed in our Biggest Comic Book News of 2010, it's been a hectic and exciting year for the comic book industry, and that restless activity was reflected by ComicsAlliance. Our existing team of passionate and ceaselessly clever contributors grew even more so with the addition of new writers and artists who helped make 2010 a monumentally important year for the site in its short history, and we look forward to bringing on even more unique voices in 2011.

If the function of a comics blog is to synthesize the news, culture and creativity of the industry and transmit it to you in the most efficient/funny/awesome ways we can, we had our work cut out for us this year, with the creativity of comics professionals, our readers and comic book fans across the Web inspiring some of our most favorite and popular features. We also found our beloved industry and its fantastical characters under fire from uncommonly brazen sources of bigotry and hate, which the ComicsAlliance staff confronted in ways we hope have made you not just proud but also entertained. While those episodes proved to be among our most-read posts, we think you'll agree the prevailing idiom of ComicsAlliance is one of positivity, fun, and passion for all things comics.

After the jump you'll find a comprehensive list of our favorite posts of the year that was, broken up by category and with an eye towards timelessness. These are features both purely original and borrowed from the Internet at large that we think will always be awesome, and we hope you will too.

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Best Art Posts

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The Geek Art of Metal Park's Pairoght Jarusuwan

Stuart Immonen Channels 'Little Nemo' in Superman Villain Origins

Best Videos

Gail Simone Speaks out at the Westboro Baptist Comic-Con Protest

Stump the Cosplayer: Cosplay Trivia with Chris Sims

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