As we discussed in our Biggest Comic Book News of 2010, it's been a hectic and exciting year for the comic book industry, and that restless activity was reflected by ComicsAlliance. Our existing team of passionate and ceaselessly clever contributors grew even more so with the addition of new writers and artists who helped make 2010 a monumentally important year for the site in its short history, and we look forward to bringing on even more unique voices in 2011.

If the function of a comics blog is to synthesize the news, culture and creativity of the industry and transmit it to you in the most efficient/funny/awesome ways we can, we had our work cut out for us this year, with the creativity of comics professionals, our readers and comic book fans across the Web inspiring some of our most favorite and popular features. We also found our beloved industry and its fantastical characters under fire from uncommonly brazen sources of bigotry and hate, which the ComicsAlliance staff confronted in ways we hope have made you not just proud but also entertained. While those episodes proved to be among our most-read posts, we think you'll agree the prevailing idiom of ComicsAlliance is one of positivity, fun, and passion for all things comics.

After the jump you'll find a comprehensive list of our favorite posts of the year that was, broken up by category and with an eye towards timelessness. These are features both purely original and borrowed from the Internet at large that we think will always be awesome, and we hope you will too.

Happy new year!Best Interviews of 2010

The Same, But Different: Matt Fraction on the Return of 'Casanova'

'Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour' Arrives for Bryan Lee O'Malley

Darwyn Cooke Takes Down 'The Outfit'

Kate Beaton Tells Strange Tales About Marvel and Why Her Wonder Woman Is So Pissed Off

Grant Morrison on Batman Inc, Lord Death Man and Alan Moore

Fadeout: Kieron Gillen on the End of 'Phonogram'

Jonathan Hickman: The Renaissance Man of Marvel

Colleen Coover Talks Superhero Anatomy and Hating Purple

Kelly Sue Deconnick on Sif, Sexism and Lady Snowblood

Mark Waid Goes Deep on Digital and the Future of Comics

The Lady Editors of Marvel Talk 'Girl Comics'

The Art of Coloring: Making Comics With Dave Stewart

Jeff Parker: The 'Atlas' Exit Interview

Sarah Glidden Explains 'How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less'

'Machine of Death': How Webcomics Creators Hit #1 on Amazon and Took Down Glenn Beck

Best Humor Posts

Super-Hero Missed Connections

What If... The George W. Bush Bio Comic Was Written by Whedon, Millar, Ellis & Moore?

Cerebus Valentines for That Special Void in Your Life

M.O.D.O.K. Month: Comics Pro Essays on 'What M.O.D.O.K. Means To Me'

Blinging Out the Classics: 10 Comics Made Better With Blingee

Super Heroes vs. the Westboro Baptist Church

Twitter Users Mash Up Kanye West's Tweets With 'New Yorker' Comics

Dr. Doom Attends the Gathering of the Juggalos [Humor]

The Best Reader Comments on Comics

The 18 Weirdest 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes Based on Comics

ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims Goes Speed Dating at New York Comic-Con [Video]

Overheard in a Comic Shop Contest Winner (With Exclusive Cartoon!)

The 30 Most Amazingly Terrible VHS Boxes of All Time

The 10 Most Hilarious Quotes From the NY Times 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' Review

Super-Hero WikiLeaks: Diplomatic Cables From Your Favorite Comic Book Universes

Help, My Half-Elf Is Pregnant! The 11 Strangest Questions From The D&D 'Sage Advice' Column

Best Original Art Posts

2010's Let's Be Friends Again Presents: Comics Everybody Series

2010's Great Comics That Never Happened Series

Reimagining Dell Monsters Frankenstein, Dracula & More in Modern Comics [Original Art]

Speed Dating in the Marvel Universe

The 18 Weirdest 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes Based on Comics

The Super-Hero Balloons of the ComicsAlliance Thanksgiving Parade!

The Complete 12 Days of Comic Book Christmas.

Four Free Comic Book Holiday Cards from ComicsAlliance (and Nedroid!).

Best Editorials

The Racial Politics of Regressive Storytelling

Please, Just Kiss Digital Comics On The Mouth Already

Racists Totally Freak Out Over Idris Elba Playing Norse God in 'Thor'

99 Problems But a Cape Ain't One: Conservatives Attack Islamic Superheroes

Worst of the Worst: Ultimatum

Why Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour Is One of the Best Comics of the Year

The Racial Politics of Riverdale: Why an Interracial Kiss Is Still a Big Deal

Don't Be That Guy: Erik Larsen Blames 'All-Woman Jury' For Court Ruling

Why Marvel Owes No Apologies for Captain America's 'Tea Party'

ComicsAlliance vs. The Independent's Mark Millar Article

Why We Need Minority Heroes in Superhero Comics

Worst of the Worst: 'Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #3'

Worst of the Worst: 'Batman: The Widening Gyre' #6

10 Years of Joe Quesada at Marvel: A Timeline

'One Moment in Time': The Spider-Man Story Nobody Wanted

Generation WildStorm: Growing Up in Jim Lee's Universe

Why Video Game Censorship Matters to Stan Lee, the CBLDF, and Comics

The End of Franken-Castle: Why We'll Miss the Monster

The State of Comic Book Solicitations by Former Marvel Editor Nate Cosby

The State of Digital Comics: Censorship, Price, Distribution, and More

Racists Totally Freak Out Over Muslim 'Batman of Paris'

ComicsAlliance's Best Comics of 2010

Best Art Posts

BATMAN LOSES: An Amazing Unauthorized Comic By Ulises Farinas [Exclusive]

Charlie Brown Explains The Enigma Of John Locke From 'Lost'

J. Scott Campbell Draws Naughty Disney Princesses

Days Of Future Past Gets A Whole New Meaning In 'Futurama/X-Men' Mash-Up!

Batman's Rogues Gallery Gets A Flickr Gallery

Darwyn Cooke's Dangerously Good Looking Ladies [Gallery]

This 'Rise of Arsenal' Cat Themed Sketchbook Totally Rules

James Stokoe's Massive Galactus Drawing Will Crush You Beneath Its Heel

Deconstructing the Machine: Behind the Art of 'Ex Machina'

The ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Villainy

Jo Chen's Wonder Woman Pencils From Her Mystery Project Astound

The Sandman' Meets 'Inception' in Ojisan Hunter's 'Cities of Sand'

What if Superheroes were Hipsters?

Calvin and Hobbes Mash Ups With He-Man, Batman, Star Wars and More

Spider-Man Meets 'Calvin and Hobbes' in Hilarious Mashup

The Wire' Character Gallery by Dennis Culver Is All in the Game

Recently Rediscovered Letter Shows Wonder Woman's Earliest Costume

Katie Cook's Expanding Marvel Trading Card Library Is Collectibly Adorable

'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark': The Terrifying Children's Illustrations of Stephen Gammell

Margaret Atwood Creates Superheroes Based on Her Twitter Fans [Updated]

The Monsters Project: The Complete Monstrous Art Collection

Batman and Star Wars Posters Take Propaganda to a Whole New Level

Super-Heroes Mashed Up With Volkswagen Vans For Reasons We Do Not Understand

Post-It Note Monsters: The Best Use of Office Supplies Ever

Tintin Faces Down Lovecraftian Horror in Hilarious Parody Covers

CHALLENGE: Identify Everyone in Fabian Glez's 'Minimalist Heroes'

Hello Kitty Character Mash-Ups Look Silent But Violent

What Would a David Lynch-Directed 'Spider-Man' Movie Look Like?

James Stokoe Releases 100 Pages from Uncompleted 'Murderbullets' Comic

Chet Phillips' Steampunk Union of Superlative Heroes

What if Dr. Seuss Created 'Star Wars'?

The Adorable ABC's of 'Star Wars': A is For Akbar

Avengersaurs' and Its Dino Superheroes Should Be The Next Marvel Event

The Geek Art of Metal Park's Pairoght Jarusuwan

Stuart Immonen Channels 'Little Nemo' in Superman Villain Origins

CalArts Students' AnimaTRON Project Trons Out Disney Icons

Unreleased Character Designs from 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'

Best Art Ever (This Week) series

Best Videos

Mortal Kombat' Crime Short Could Go Feature Length

Gail Simone Speaks out at the Westboro Baptist Comic-Con Protest

Matt Fraction's 'Batman Dreams of Hieronymous Machines'

Ryan Reynolds Recites the Green Lantern Oath For an Adorable Child

The Pixelized Pitch That Sold 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: The Game'

The Scott Pilgrim Adult Swim Animated Short Is Online Now!

'Let's Be Friends Again' Battles in $10 Comic-Con Challenge with Tommy Wiseau

Frank Miller's 'Gucci Guilty' Commercial Trailer Heats Up With Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans

Stump the Cosplayer: Cosplay Trivia with Chris Sims

These 'Scott Pilgrim' Mashups with 'Inception' & 'Avatar' Are Awesome

The Craziest Convention Stories of Grant Morrison, Kieron Gillen & Ryan North

Fan-Made 'The Walking Dead' Title Sequence Gives AMC a Run For its Money

Comic Book Creators Talk About Their First Comic

'Batman: The Killing Joke' Relived Via Lego

My Chemical Romance's 'Na Na Na' Stars Grant Morrison With a Laser Gun

Watch the Complete ComicsAlliance NYCC Panel Online!

Rapping, Dancing X-Men Cosplayers Bust a Move at Comic-Con

ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims Goes Speed Dating at New York Comic-Con

Chris Samnee Illustrates Batman and Swamp Thing in the Blink of an Eye

Animated 'Grickle' Short Has a Very Techno Halloween

The Legendary Ghost Board of 'Scott Pilgrim's' Lucas Lee

Fan Proves Every Anime Opening is Kind of Exactly the Same

Conan O'Brien Hilariously 'Previews' the Spider-Man Musical

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Arcade Game Spoof Unleashes Painful Childhood Memories

Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' Music Video Revisits Classic 'Tron'

Watch 'Superman: The Comic Strip Hero' Documentary from 1981

Conan O'Brien and Bruce Timm Create 'The Flaming C'

Insane 'Yogi Bear' Alternate Ending Assassinates Your Innocence

The Brothers Mario: 'Grand Theft Auto' Meets 'Super Mario Bros.' [Video]

Hilarious Taiwanese Animation Slams Spidey Musical, Beats All Our Best Insults [Video]